Ready to Confidently Use Live Video

Up-Level Your Business

AND Secure All the High-End Clients You Need

You know you should be using live video

But you have no clue where to begin.

Okay let’s be real… Your live videos aren’t the greatest… 

So far the videos and livestreams you’ve done on your own aren’t giving you the results that you want.  The ones you have done make you cringe as you stumble over your words because you don’t know what to say and your whole video process is disorganized.  You know you can do better than this.  

You know there has gotta be a better way then what you are doing right now which is winging 

Imagine being able to book your business with high-end clients with Live video without spending hours on social media…

How would your business be different if you:


The proven system to confidently use lie video as a client attraction magnet to market your business, secure high-end clients and gain an audience of raving fans.

Here’s how live Video Success Intensive is different from other intensives...

This strategy intensive session gives you real-life steps that I do and work with and teach my clients every day so that they can attract high-end clients and make money.

The live Video Success Intensive will:


Show you how to confidently how to show up and how to present yourself on video

Provide you with clarity on the best videos for you to create for your brand

How to be relaxed on camera and not afraid to sell to your audience


Templates to write and create content for your binge-worthy videos in 30 minutes or less

Teach you how to plan and develop your efficient content writing process so that you never run out of ideas for videos

Provide with the right tech tools you need to easily set-up your videos with ease and not a lot of hassle

Here's How it works...

I’m going to teach you the strategy + the tech and give you comprehensive and clear directions on how I use live video every day in my business and how you can do it in yours.

By the end of this intensive, you’ll learn how to create live videos that you can use to confidently market your business and convert high-end clients.

Pre-Intensive Call

Intensive Day

After Your Intensive

Follow Up

Learn how to use video to position as the go-to person in your industry, grow your business, and make bank. 

And no, not just appear on camera talking but actually create live videos that your audience will want to binge-watch.

The Features​

In this Intensive here’s what you’re going to get:


You will receive immediate access to my signature program Livestream Lab. It will walk you step-by-step to help you create a high converting live stream show.  Get all of my secrets to get the most out of each live video you do.

The Investment

Are you ready to get visible with Video?

One Payment Of


2 Payments Of


I’m Alicia, Biz & Live Video Strategist

Back in 2015, after founding and growing a successful Medical Billing company, I decided it was time to share my expertise and help women grow businesses of their own.

In June of 2016 it was clear that this was my calling and I  sold my medical billing company and focus all of my attention on support other women in building their businesses..

During this transition I knew I had to get in front of my audience quickly and what better way to do it then video. I tried Periscope but something was off about it for me. I just didn’t like the platform nor the limited options for optimizing and monetizing videos.

When FB Live came out on our fan pages  I immediately saw the potential and started going LIVE on my Page and in my FB Group. I wanted to get my message out there to the right people so I started by talking about what my audience wanted. I went live daily, documenting what worked and what didn’t.

From this, I created a system to help anyone become confident on camera, build expert status and credibility, and create a stream of clients for any business from a FB LIVE audience..  I created, Empirenista Tv™, my weekly show where I talk provide tips, trainings and discussion on the topics my audience wants to have answered.

Since the Fall of 2015 I’ve done over 400 Facebook Livestreams.

Is This for You?

Video Success Intensive isn’t for everyone so here’s the rundown on who it is for and who it’s not for:



Video Intensive is perfect for you if…

This is not for…

Now is the time

There’s never been a better time to grow your business with live video

The best time to use live video in your marketing strategy was yesterday.

What if one live video put you in front of one person that changed the direction and profitability of your business?

Here's the deal...

You can keep doing things the same way you’ve been doing…

Or, you can invest in the Live Video Success Intensive where you will…

If you’re a goal crushing POWERHOUSE woman
now is the time to do things differently
so that you can get the results you want
and build business that you desire.

FAQ: You have questions. I have answers.

A: The intensive is broken down into (2) 90 minute sessions with an hour break in between sessions.  We’ll also have 1 kick off session and an additional 30 minute follow up call 30 days after your intensive.

A: I do not offer refunds for this service.

A: Yes, the investment can be broken down into two payments of $1500.

A: Using  live videos work for any business if you’re committed and are consistent. Nothing is an overnight success.  This will work if you put in the work and effort.


One Payment Of


2 Payments Of


I can’t wait to help you Slay your Live Videos

© 2020 Alicia Henderson

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